Families, children… all together enjoying the shared experience of our camping. Our qualified instructors have prepared a series of activities throughout the season for you to have a great time. We have activities for children and for adults. Here we offer an appetizer of what you will find…


Summer season activities (from 24/06 – 30/08)
♥ Taller de manualidades ♥ Taller de pintura ♥ Piscina (starting 23 may) ♥ Gincanas variadas ♥ Juegos de mesa ♥ Piñatas ♥ Minidisco ♥ Noches temáticas ♥ Manualidades varias ♥ Zumba kids ♥ Talleres de maquillaje ♥ Piscina.


Summer season activities (from 24/06 – 30/08)
♥ Bailes latinos (Samba, Salsa, Bossa Nova….) ♥ Clases de Zumba ♥ Clases de Zumba en la piscina (starting 23-03) ♥ Petanca ♥ Cine ♥ Aquagym por las mañanas ♥ Noches blancas ♥ Noches Flower Power ♥ Noches de los 80 ♥ y cada fin de semana no te pierdas nuestro menú barbacoa y, followed by, a fantastic dance party with our great DJs.